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Simply the best Super Bowl party!

1. Register as a FunSuperBowl organizer
2. Create your own FunSuperBowl
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4. Your guests will receive an automatic invitation mail
5. Test your skills and submit your answers before 6:15 pm on 11 February, 2024
6. During the game, get your live results and watch who is the leading contestant.
7. A winner by FunSuperBowl!
You're looking for more fun in your Super Bowl 56 party? We got it! is the best way to put everyone on his feet. Try it, it's free!
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Create your own FunSuperBowl

You’d like to create your own FunSuperBowl party? It’s easy and free. Register as an organizer. Once your event is created, you’ll be the King of party for Super Bowl 56.

Invite your friends

Once your event is created, invite your friends to your party. Just enter their names and their email. FunSuperBowl will automatically send, on behalf of your name, a personalized invitation by mail.

Show the expert in you

Until 6:15 pm on 11 February, 2024 (eastern time) you and your guests can answer the challenge test on our site Our specialists have created questions about the next Super Bowl. Each question comes with a multiple answers choice. It’s easy and anyone can play and win!

Real time results

Our team will put results on real time.

What is your rank?

Up to date results will be shown for each FunSuperBowl party. Don’t worry, enjoy the game, we take care of everything.

One FunSuperBowl winner per party

Once Super Bowl 56 completed, each first place will receive the FunSuperBowl 56 Championship and the honorary FunSuperBowl trophy! Good luck to all of you.


Rules and conditions

  • Participation is free.
  • guaranties non-divulgation about your information.
  • can not be held responsible for any mistakes that could happen on this site.
  • is a free site and doesn't require any amount of money to participate.
  • In the eventuality of a tie. Question 1 will decide who is the winner. If still tied, question 2 will make a winner. If still tied, question 3 and so will determine the winner.
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